Jorvik Medieval Festival

An espresso machine is supposed to gift you with the ability to produce high end coffee with just the touch of a button. It has to be quick and easy. The best automatic espresso machine will allow you to enjoy a cup of coffee any time of the day without failure. Being recommended by countless blogs and websites such as bisuzs coffee, this espresso machine is a treat in itself. The best espresso machine is none other than the Nespresso Citiz that comes with the special Aeroccino Milk Frother.

Imagine never having to step into a coffee shop in the morning and just having your favourite flavour at home still in your pajamas. Plus, you even get to avoid the rude barista that never gets your complicated order right and snaps at everyone in the morning. It’s not your fault that you prefer almond milk or soy milk over non-fat milk.

How Much Do You Have To Spend?

For an automatic machine, it is quite expensive but totally worth it. The price on the market is 350 dollars and it comes with a 2 year warranty. You can get a cheap capsule espresso maker for 50 dollars. Since this machine comes with a built-in milk frother unlike the other bests.

Features To Be Grateful For

This small machine comes with a 19 pressure bar. This is the ideal pressure to have for total extraction of the coffee flavour. The minimum pressure bar you should look for is 15. It has a litre water reservoir that is detachable. You can’t necessarily see it since it is at the back of the machine. It’s easy to clean and if you have filtered water, it is advised to use it. You have the choice to brew a single or double shot and the best part is that you don’t have to often readjust your choice since it’s programmable.

Multipurpose Cup Tray

It has a cup try that allows you to use a big or small cup for your beverage. If it was me, I would always use a bigger cup. The cup try allows the coffee to drip into the cup without sloshing everywhere. You can actually pull out the cup tray which would reveal a removable dump box for the used coffee. It has a stainless steel drip tray. The power button is at the side of the machine so do not surround the machine with objects that might accidentally hit it.

Aero 3 Feature

The Aeroccino comes with two different types of whips which is specifically made for cappuccino and latte. The spring whip is for the cappuccino and the whip without the spring is for the latte. Do not misused it because the quality of the milk is super different. It sticks to the circle which is magnetised. You have the option to froth cold milk or hot milk. The Aeroccino also automatically shuts down once it’s done frothing. Unlike a semi automatic espresso machine, the Citiz allows you to brew and froth and the same time. A great invention that produces high quality brewed coffee in less than a minute.

Chicken and Leek Pie

An historic recipe dating back to medieval Wales, Chicken and Leek Pie offers incredible, comforting flavors and simple luxury. This was elegant cuisine then and now.

Maids of Honour - Old English Tudor Cheesecakes

These are the forerunner of modern baked cheesecakes, and this recipe originates from one of the first documented versions of this recipe. Curd cheese was very popular as an ingredient for desserts many hundreds of years.
I always make these for afternoon tea - they are delightfully light and fragranced with delicate orange flower water or rose water. Use any dried fruits that you have available - I find a mixture of seedless raisins and chopped candied peel works very well.